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The Greatest Threat to Financial Liberty

With all the distraction of D.C. politics, it's easy to overlook the steady encroachment on our financial liberty. It's not what you might think. This article tells you what it is. Consider this another War On ____ effort.

Trillion Dollar Coin

Can a trillion dollar coin really help push through the debt ceiling?

America's Debt and Making America Great Again (MAGA)

What sort of challenges will the President of the United States encounter in his quest to MAGA? His first challenge will be a fiscal one. In the days of the Roman Empire, the " fiscus" was a basket passed around to collect money. Congress will need a very large basket this time around. My latest article discusses the challenges.

The Money Answers Show

Listen to Jim Mosquera on Jordan Goodman's nationwide podcast. They discuss Escaping Oz: Navigating the crisis and the current economy.

The Next Real Estate Crisis

What does the next real estate crisis look like? What factors are at work that cannot be controlled by the Wizards? Read my article to learn more.

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