The economic crisis of 2008 set in motion a series of events precipitating into a credit contraction, the effects of which still linger today.   It is important to understand current economic trends and how they affect the capital markets.  Many business owners are unable to secure working capital from their traditional sources resulting in significant cash flow problems.  Our clients are business owners who have normally accessed lines of credit or bank loans to finance their businesses including labor, goods and supplies, raw materials, payroll, insurance, taxes, expansion and more.   The banking system is more conservative in their lending thus contracting the levels of credit necessary for small business.

Fortunately, Sentinel Consulting can help.  We have access to multiple ALTERNATIVE  lending sources that can provide your business a much needed cash flow infusion. Use these funds to shore up restructured debts, invest back into your business to allow you to remain competitive, expand, and most importantly, have peace of mind.   This is an example of how we can help.

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